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Four Traditional Tactics for a Modern Content Checklist

When it comes to planning a content checklist, we marketers are in love with the latest shiny new thing. That’s not a dig – testing new things is the only way to stay relevant and ahead of the crowd. But that doesn’t mean we should forget about the tried-and-true techniques that continue to perform. Following [...]

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Digital Marketing Statistics: SEO, Social, Video, and Email Trends

One of the biggest challenges for small companies and brands is figuring out where to invest your time. Should you focus on Instagram Stories? Create meaty, in-depth blog posts? Go all in on video marketing? One way to keep track of the state of the industry is to follow the relevant digital marketing statistics. We're [...]

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Who should be your marketing calendar manager?

When everybody’s in charge, nobody’s in charge. This is true in so many areas of work life, including managing the care, feeding, and upkeep of your marketing calendar. Who in your company is your marketing calendar manager? If you answer “no one” or, worse, “everyone,” this post is for you. Let’s walk through some tips [...]

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Using an Editorial Calendar: A Q&A with Kasia Writes

I'm always looking for inspiration on building and using an editorial calendar. At year end, a tweet from Kasia of the travel blog made me smile:   Of course I had to reach out to learn more about why she set that goal, how she build her calendar, and what results she achieved from [...]

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5 Benefits of Creating an Editorial Plan

Ever wondered why you should create a content calendar or editorial plan? If you are meeting your marketing goals without one, then feel free to skip it. But if you are struggling to meet your marketing objectives or want to grow your business, here are five editorial plan benefits to motivate you to get started. [...]

How to Add Links to Projects

PlanITPDQ is designed to help you manage all of your marketing projects from one simple screen. But even we recognize that sometimes you have to visit other websites ... We've just made it easier for you to connect to any web page by enabling you to add Links to your Project. Here's a couple of [...]

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How to Measure Marketing – a Q&A with Environmental Defense Fund’s Lauren Guite

The Environmental Defense Fund is one of the world’s largest environmental organizations. With more than half of its operating budget coming from its two million members, how does it measure marketing? We asked Lauren Guite, Senior Specialist, Digital Marketing at EDF to share her insights. The Environmental Defense Fund has some pretty sophisticated content marketing [...]

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What You Should Do Today – Content Marketing Organization Tactics to Get You On the Right Track

When is the best time of year to set up tactics for content marketing organization? Today. Seriously. The longer you go without a plan for marketing organization, the harder it will be to stay on top of everything you want to accomplish. The following is a list of steps to take in marketing your company. [...]

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How to Add a Calendar Channel to Your PlanIT

One of the benefits of PlanITPDQ is that it is a calendar-based application. You can add Projects to your PlanIT and pin them to a specific day. But what about marketing teams that use an additional shared calendar for events and activities? Now you can import that entire digital calendar to your PlanIT. As a [...]

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How to Format Text in Projects

You can add any number of URL links to a Project in PlanITPDQ. But what if you want to add one in the description, or if you want to boldface some text? It's easy with a teeny bit of code. Here's how to format the text in Projects, including the title and description, using simple [...]

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