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How to Export Your Editorial Calendar

We created PlanITPDQ to be an easy way to build a content calendar where you can collaborate with your team, plan your projects on a visual timeline view, and track top-line analytics. We would love you to log in and never leave, but we strongly suggest that you download your PlanIT in .csv format. Why? [...]

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How to Reorder Categories on Your PlanIT

PlanITPDQ is designed to help you get organized, and everyone needs to do it their own way. That's why you can create your own Categories and place your Projects where you want them. As a default, PlanITPDQ will order your Categories as you create them - your first Category will be on the top of [...]

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How to Create a New Project

A Project is any item that you want to place on your PlanIT calendar - it can be a blog post, an email newsletter, an event, a podcast, video, or more. Adding a new Project takes a few simple steps. Click on the red button in the lower right hand of your PlanIT and select [...]

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How to Track CTA Analytics

Google analytics is a powerful tool, but it has its limitations. It’s tough to track on-page activity without a lot of custom programming. Read on to learn how to track CTA analytics using PlanITPDQ’s shortened URL function. Here’s a scenario where this functionality is important: your web site has multiple calls to action (CTAs) that [...]

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Designing a Content First Website – Q&A with AI Software’s Dave Ebbesmeyer

Designing a content first website means that when you lead horses to water, they can actually find something to drink. We all have to focus on driving traffic to our sites, but website specialist Dave Ebbesmeyer has ideas about some overlooked aspects of website design. Following is his advice about organization, common problems, and best [...]

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Email Marketing Best Practices – a Q&A with Seth Rasmussen

One of your most valuable assets is your email list. You use it to nurture, communicate, and close the deal. What email marketing best practices should you follow? We connected with Seth Rasmussen, co-owner of Small Biz Triage, which is known for its Unapologetically Human eMail Marketing for B2B and B2C. Because PlanItPDQ integrates with [...]

What to Write About – Quick Ideas for Small Business

We’ve pounded it into your head: generating content and promoting it is a powerful way to attract prospects and generate sales. One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a content library is figuring out what to write about. That blank computer screen isn’t going to fill itself. Where do you start? The first step is [...]

How to Stretch Your Small Business Marketing Budget

Where should you spend your marketing budget? Unless you are running Google or Apple, you can’t afford everything on your marketing wish list. PlanITPDQ reached out to Ginger Conlon for advice on where it makes sense to invest. Ginger is chief editor and marketing alchemist at MKTGinsight, an online publication that catalyzes change in marketing [...]

Marketing Plan Webinar | Hands-On How-To

Tired of marketing by sticky-note? Ready to build your marketing plan but not sure how to start or what to include? It's time to get organized, and we can help. Attend our Free Friday Marketing Plan Webinar for a step-by-step overview of how to build a marketing plan that works for your business. [...]

Three Steps to Maximize Your Content ROI

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent hours laboring on the best researched and written blog post only to feel like you didn’t know how to measure your content ROI. *Raises hand* Been there; done that. Repeatedly. It’s okay. No judgement here. Most small businesses have small marketing teams – many, including startups and entrepreneurs, [...]