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Digital Marketing Statistics: SEO, Social, Video, and Email Trends

One of the biggest challenges for small companies and brands is figuring out where to invest your time. Should you focus on Instagram Stories? Create meaty, in-depth blog posts? Go all in on video marketing? One way to keep track of the state of the industry is to follow the relevant digital marketing statistics. We're [...]

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Who should be your marketing calendar manager?

When everybody’s in charge, nobody’s in charge. This is true in so many areas of work life, including managing the care, feeding, and upkeep of your marketing calendar. Who in your company is your marketing calendar manager? If you answer “no one” or, worse, “everyone,” this post is for you. Let’s walk through some tips [...]

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Why Content Planning is like Going to the Gym—and How to Start Doing Both

New Year's is long past and the shine is starting to wear off those resolutions we made, whether they were for content planning or visits to the gym (or both!). On the surface it may seem like these activities couldn't be more different, but if you look closer you'll see that content planning is actually [...]

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5 Benefits of Creating an Editorial Plan

Ever wondered why you should create a content calendar or editorial plan? If you are meeting your marketing goals without one, then feel free to skip it. But if you are struggling to meet your marketing objectives or want to grow your business, here are five editorial plan benefits to motivate you to get started. [...]

Email Marketing Best Practices – a Q&A with Seth Rasmussen

One of your most valuable assets is your email list. You use it to nurture, communicate, and close the deal. What email marketing best practices should you follow? We connected with Seth Rasmussen, co-owner of Small Biz Triage, which is known for its Unapologetically Human eMail Marketing for B2B and B2C. Because PlanItPDQ integrates with [...]

What to Write About – Quick Ideas for Small Business

We’ve pounded it into your head: generating content and promoting it is a powerful way to attract prospects and generate sales. One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a content library is figuring out what to write about. That blank computer screen isn’t going to fill itself. Where do you start? The first step is [...]

Three Steps to Maximize Your Content ROI

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent hours laboring on the best researched and written blog post only to feel like you didn’t know how to measure your content ROI. *Raises hand* Been there; done that. Repeatedly. It’s okay. No judgement here. Most small businesses have small marketing teams – many, including startups and entrepreneurs, [...]

Finding the best blog post frequency for your business

Small business marketers and entrepreneurs ask about blog post frequency more often than just about any other content marketing question. How often should you post to your blog? The answer is, it depends on what you hope to achieve with your blog. Here are three scenarios that can help you make your decision. The best [...]

Announcing PlanITPDQ – Editorial Calendar and Content Marketing Planner for SMB

Cross posted from Alison Harris, the founder of our parent company, Harris Marketing Services.  When it comes to marketing methods, I am on Team Content: I believe every company should have an editorial calendar and content marketing planner. Content marketing is not the fastest way to build a business, but it is among the most [...]