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How to Add Links to Projects

PlanITPDQ is designed to help you manage all of your marketing projects from one simple screen. But even we recognize that sometimes you have to visit other websites ... We've just made it easier for you to connect to any web page by enabling you to add Links to your Project. Here's a couple of [...]

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How to Add a Calendar Channel to Your PlanIT

One of the benefits of PlanITPDQ is that it is a calendar-based application. You can add Projects to your PlanIT and pin them to a specific day. But what about marketing teams that use an additional shared calendar for events and activities? Now you can import that entire digital calendar to your PlanIT. As a [...]

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How to Add an Idea to the Idea Bank

Most items on your PlanIT calendar are projects - these are the blog posts, email newsletters, events, and other ideas you are more or less committed to and that are fairly fleshed out. But what about those fleeting ideas? You know, the ones that are just a thread of something that you want to explore [...]

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How to Create a Marketing Calendar on PlanITPDQ

Are you ready to organize your editorial calendar and marketing plans? Learn how to create a marketing calendar on PlanITPDQ. Set up projects on a calendar, create categories that make sense to you - blog posts, videos, email newsletters, events, and more. Manage your entire editorial calendar and all of your marketing activities via one [...]

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How to Export Your Editorial Calendar

We created PlanITPDQ to be an easy way to build a content calendar where you can collaborate with your team, plan your projects on a visual timeline view, and track top-line analytics. We would love you to log in and never leave, but we strongly suggest that you download your PlanIT in .csv format. Why? [...]

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How to Reorder Categories on Your PlanIT

PlanITPDQ is designed to help you get organized, and everyone needs to do it their own way. That's why you can create your own Categories and place your Projects where you want them. As a default, PlanITPDQ will order your Categories as you create them - your first Category will be on the top of [...]

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How to Create a New Project

A Project is any item that you want to place on your PlanIT calendar - it can be a blog post, an email newsletter, an event, a podcast, video, or more. Adding a new Project takes a few simple steps. Click on the red button in the lower right hand of your PlanIT and select [...]

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