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Digital Marketing Statistics: SEO, Social, Video, and Email Trends

One of the biggest challenges for small companies and brands is figuring out where to invest your time. Should you focus on Instagram Stories? Create meaty, in-depth blog posts? Go all in on video marketing? One way to keep track of the state of the industry is to follow the relevant digital marketing statistics. We're [...]

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Who should be your marketing calendar manager?

When everybody’s in charge, nobody’s in charge. This is true in so many areas of work life, including managing the care, feeding, and upkeep of your marketing calendar. Who in your company is your marketing calendar manager? If you answer “no one” or, worse, “everyone,” this post is for you. Let’s walk through some tips [...]

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What You Should Do Today – Content Marketing Organization Tactics to Get You On the Right Track

When is the best time of year to set up tactics for content marketing organization? Today. Seriously. The longer you go without a plan for marketing organization, the harder it will be to stay on top of everything you want to accomplish. The following is a list of steps to take in marketing your company. [...]

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How to Stretch Your Small Business Marketing Budget

Where should you spend your marketing budget? Unless you are running Google or Apple, you can’t afford everything on your marketing wish list. PlanITPDQ reached out to Ginger Conlon for advice on where it makes sense to invest. Ginger is chief editor and marketing alchemist at MKTGinsight, an online publication that catalyzes change in marketing [...]

Marketing Plan Webinar | Hands-On How-To

Tired of marketing by sticky-note? Ready to build your marketing plan but not sure how to start or what to include? It's time to get organized, and we can help. Attend our Free Friday Marketing Plan Webinar for a step-by-step overview of how to build a marketing plan that works for your business. [...]