One of the benefits of PlanITPDQ is that it is a calendar-based application. You can add Projects to your PlanIT and pin them to a specific day. But what about marketing teams that use an additional shared calendar for events and activities? Now you can import that entire digital calendar to your PlanIT.

As a matter of fact, you can import any .ics file to your PlanIT. Here’s my favorite: the National Day Calendar of special “days” – you know, the holidays such as Black Cat Day, Apple Cider Day, and Mason Jar Day. These provide great inspiration for super fun blog posts and social media content – as long as you know they’re coming!

Here’s how to add this great resource to your PlanIT:

  • Open your PlanIT and select Edit PlanIT

add calendar

  • Scroll down to the Channels section and click on the green ADD button

  • Enter in the name of the Channel and the URL of the .ics file, and click the blue Update PlanIT button

Voila! Your PlanIT now has a channel for special days. If you want to add one to your calendar as a Project, simply click on it and select the + sign to add it to your PlanIT. Select the pencil to edit the Project, add a Link, or assign it to one of your collaborators


Remember, you can create as many Calendar Channels as you want using any .ics file. Have fun with this great tool.

Have questions on how to use PlanITPDQ? Just reach out – we always have time for you. For more tips on using PlanITPDQ, visit the PlanITPDQ How To page.

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