How To Add a Collaborator to Your PlanITPDQ Editorial Calendar

It’s easy to add a collaborator to your PlanITPDQ editorial calendar. Simply click on the button to invite someone from within a project, or by switching to the Collaborators tab on top of your PlanIT timeline.

Inviting a collaborator will initiate an email to them that points them where to log in.

add a collaborator to your PlanITPDQ editorial calendar

add a collaborator to your PlanITPDQ editorial calendar


Note: In order to use PlanITPDQ, your team member must login using one of the approved methods, which include Facebook, Twitter, or a Google Gmail address.

If your email is hosted through Gmail, you can login even if it does not have the {name}  designation.
If you do not have a Gmail address, you can create one for free here:    Note that you can easily set up that email address to forward notifications to another account.
Using your Gmail account, login and click on the down arrow next to My PlanIT – you or your team members will see the list of all PlanITs created and invited to.

how to invite a collaborator to your PlanITPDQ editorial calendar

Once you add a collaborator, you can add them to a project. Simply start or edit a project, and click on the person’s name to add them. They will receive a calendar invite via email that aligns with the project date.

Have questions on how to use PlanITPDQ? Just reach out – we always have time for you. For more tips on using PlanITPDQ, visit the PlanITPDQ How To page.

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