PlanITPDQ is designed to help you manage all of your marketing projects from one simple screen. But even we recognize that sometimes you have to visit other websites … We’ve just made it easier for you to connect to any web page by enabling you to add Links to your Project.

Here’s a couple of reasons why you’d like to add links:

  • You have created a Category for events, and you’d like to create Projects for each event that you are attending. It’s great to have the Project on your timeline; if you add a link to the event web page, you can easily navigate there when you want to check in on session times or other info.
  • You have created a Category for Byline Opportunities, and you have added Projects for each story that you’d like to pitch to an editor. With each opportunity on your timeline, you can stay on top of following up. Add links to the publication’s home page, contributor’s guidelines page, and full editorial calendar for future reference.

It’s easy to add one or more Links to your Project – when you create a new Project, simply scroll down to the Links section and click on the green box to Add a Link. Paste in the URL and you’re done. Easy!add links to project

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