How to Track Analytics via Buffer

You can automatically track analytics via Buffer, including the number of clicks on a URL in your social media post and the number of “likes” and shares. Following are directions on how to do both. Tracking the full stats is a bit trickier than our other integrations, but you can do it!

Note: You only choose one of these options within a project, so we suggest setting up a Custom URL Tracker to track the number of clicks if you want to do both. 

How to Track the Number of Clicks to a URL Within Your Social Media Post

  • Integrate your Buffer account via the Settings button.
  • Navigate to your Buffer account and click on the Analytics tab.
  • Copy the URL within your tweettrack analytics via buffer
  • Create or edit a project in your PlanIT. Navigate to the Integrations section and click on the green button under Buffer.
  • Enter a name and paste the URL within the Post ID section; click the blue Update Project button.track analytics via Buffer
  • Edit the project to view the number of people who clicked on the url.


How  to Track All Buffer Stats

You can track all Buffer stats within a project, but it is a bit more complicated than our other integrations. You can handle it! Here’s how.

  • Navigate to your Buffer page and click on the Analytics tab.
  • If you use Windows, right-click on the post you want to track; if you use a Mac, two-finger-click on your trackpad. Click on Inspect in the drop-down window.

track analytics via Buffer


  • This will open a window showing all sorts of code. Don’t panic. Select the post you want to track, and you’ll see a series of lines that start with <li id=”update- …. Click on the lines until the post you want to track is highlighted. Copy the code that follows the words “update- line.track analytics via Buffer
  • Create or edit a project in your PlanIT
  • Scroll down to the Buffer integration and select the green ADD button.
  • Enter a name and paste the code into the Post id section. Scroll down and hit the blue Update Project button.track analytics via Buffer
  • High five! All of your Buffer stats are now automatically tracked in your Project!
    track analytics via Buffer

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