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Build Your Marketing Plan, Automatically Track Results, and Be a Small Business Marketing Hero

PlanITPDQ is an Easy-to-Use Content Marketing Planner

Marketing is how you connect with customers and grow. But many of the marketing plan tools available today are too expensive or too complicated for SMB. That’s why we created PlanITPDQ.

Step away from the spreadsheets. Skip the complicated martech planners. Stop manually gathering analytics and stats. PlanITPDQ’s editorial calendar and marketing plan software is easy to use. Drag-and-drop projects on your calendar, invite collaborators to join, and link projects to platforms to gather analytics like pageviews, email opens, video views, and more. It’s time to make marketing easier.

I Want to Be a Hero

Plan Your Projects

Build your marketing plan by channel and by date. See at a glance your schedule for events, blog posts, videos, and newsletters. Drag and drop to move projects around the calendar. Capture ideas to save for later scheduling. Easy.  

Direct Your Marketing Team

Invite collaborators to an individual project or to the entire PlanIT calendar. Get everyone on the same page for marketing plans and scheduling. Capture ideas for events, content, bylines, and podcasts in one place.

Quantify Results

It’s all about the analytics. You need the stats, but collecting them from every platform is a huge time suck. Now you can easily connect every content project to gather analytics  automatically. Just click on your project to see pageviews, email opens, video views, and more. 

We’re excited to announce this first edition of PlanITPDQ. While we are in beta mode, it is 100% free to use! Go ahead and build your marketing plan, create a content calendar, and organize your events. We’ll send periodic updates with marketing plan tips and to seek feedback on what integrations and features you’d like. Thanks for joining our PlanIT!

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